Hotel Sun Inn, the Inn with the grace of the Sun. We present to you a face of Goa refreshingly modernistic yet succinctly traditional. Rolling hills of the state cultural capital and untouched innocence of a country setting amidst a budding city axis.
Dipawali Greetings

I Stayed at Hotel Sun Inn with ma family in the month of May. We enjoyed a lot. I liked the Hospitality of the Staff Working there Specailly Reception and Housekeeping.

Hotel Sun Inn in Ponda, Goa opened a year ago i understand is good if you need to around ponda on work. I checked in to hotel straight from the airport and found it to be the only good hotel in Ponda. Also took time off in the evening and hired a cab and visited Shantadurga, Ramnath, Mahalsa and Mangeshi temples and checked out...

Let the wafts of hymns envelop you at one end whilst the metropolis runs its speedy course around the other. A blend of homely surrounds and business amenities.
Come over to the grace of the Sun and let the hub serve as ..