Opp. Maruti Temple
Ponda, Goa - 403401
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Opp. Maruti Temple
Ponda, Goa, INDIA - 403401
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The ancient temples of Hanuman, Shantadurga, Ramnath, Mahalaxmi, Nagesh, Ganesh, Mahalsa & Manguesh lie within a five to eight kilometer radius of Sun Inn.

Known to be Jagrut Devasthans, each temple has its own grand festival and is plied with devotees all through the year.

The historic architecture defines the very age of the temple structures. Besides having a distinct Goan look about them, the temples are regarded by devotees for being Jagrat, and thus capable of granting boons to the followers.

Spice Plantation
The state of Goa is scattered with natural habitation. To supplement the greenery, there are a variety of plantations all around the country area.

Soothing Spice Plantations dot the hillside of Ponda, a mere two kilometers from Sun Inn.

Step into a silent world, filled with fluttery plants and flurry animals, and let the aroma of herbs overwhelm your senses. It is an extravagant indulgence you cannot let yourself pass by.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
A visit to the Sanctuary is a must if you wish to make your trip to Goa a complete one. The Western Ghats bordering the state on its borders are the natural habitat of wild cats and other untamed fauna. Exotic flora complete the set-up of beautiful surrounds.

The Wildlife Sanctuary houses some of these ferocious feral animals and plants. A face of wildness of the Goan lands you would not want to miss.

Education Center
Ponda has proved itself to be the education hub of today’s generation. The founder of Sun Inn has actively promoted educational and social development at Ponda.

The Ponda Educational Society’s Shri R S. Naik College, the Pharmacy College and the Goa College of Engineering is responsible for churning out some of the best minds in their respective fields, and thus, contributing to the society.

The Goa College of Engineering, which holds the title of being the most popular college in the stream. The GEC is located on a hilltop overlooking most of the city of Ponda and Kundaim.